Simbrief and Flight Simulator

Hello, does anybody know if there is a way to solve the issue of Fs2020 changing Simbrief Plans?
I can’t find a solution

Are you referrng to SIDs and STARs of a plan, or to the enroute segments?

Probably both.
I currently plan my flights into Simbrief then, when I load them in Fs2020 and choose a gate or the Sid/Star, the simulator plans a totally different route between the two airports
There is no way to plan manually either, it’s frustrating

Yes, it sure can be that.

Try this:
After you’ve loaded your plan into the world map.
Select your desired departure spot, either from the dropdown box or “zoom to details”.
Yes, everything shown in the plan may change.
From the right hand departure box, reselect your STAR (most times that will contain the runway number - so MSFS will use your chosen runway).
Your selected start point in the selection box may disappear, but MSFS still remembers it.
If you want, add your arrival in the far right arrival box, do that.
Your flight plan should be back to as made in Simbrief.

Hit Fly Now, you will be at the selected point when the sim is finished loading.

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Man, you are great!!
It worked!!

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