Simbrief app?

I use Simbrief for my planning, so I can avoid leaving the game, once I have loaded into the 32NX cockpit.

However, during my planning, it would be great to do it on the go, so if I IRL sit in a train or a bus, I can think of new plans or revisit the ones I have completed.

Is there a good mobile app for Simbrief?
I have not been able to find one…

Thanks :blush:

I do not think there is a separate app.

Not sure why needed … since you can easily do it in the simbrief website in the train right ?

Why can’t you just use simbrief to do that?

You can, but some interfaces are better when they have been designed with a touch interface in mind.

To be fair, I don’t think their interface is that bad in that regard.

I should maybe have mentioned specifically that by “app” I mean I am using my phone and the website does not have a smartphone friendly version :slight_smile:


Well i use an iphone X … and its perfectly doable for me …. But an app would be nice sure

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