Simbrief for Cessna Longitude

Love to fly the Longitude but what is missing is a way to import the flightplan from Simbrief.

Therefore, please add a Simbrief integration similar to CJ4, 747 etc.

I don’t think that a default plane can have the Simbrief integration due to the need of a commercial agreement between MS and Navigraph. Working Title guys did that when they were still developing outside of Asobo scope.

It’s already integrated in some default planes (by WT): Navigraph

I believe for the longitude to be able to pull the flight plan from simbrief you’d need a navigraph sub and their plugin for the G5000.

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It would be fantastic if it works be possible without the Navigraph plugin, like it is in some of the other default planes. TBM 930n would then probably also be able to get it.

It is definitely able to import Simbrief flight plans, with a catch, per WT Discord: