SimBrief Integration

I know that we can import .pln files and the WT CJ4 and FBW A32NX already have SimBrief importing options, but if it isn’t a huge development task it would be great if the sim itself had SimBrief integration, including payload and fuel. There could be an “Import from SimBrief” button in the flight planner. This would mean that we could import plans to any aircraft and there would not need to offer SimBrief support on plane by plane basis. This would need to be done alongside a fix for the “route changing when selecting gates” bug.

However Simbrief uses Navigraph and the sim uses Navblue.?

I think as long as the AIRAC cycle matches the data should correspond?

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Iam not so sure. Bit of a grey area for me. I know if i use simbrief then try to get the sim to give me those same waypoints it never can. Maybe depends on ATC ?

Do you have a Navigraph subscription? I’ve never had an issue with importing SimBrief plans into MSFS, I always use the current cycle on SimBrief which sometimes doesn’t match the cycle on MSFS but I haven’t encountered an issue so far.

Just found out navigraph have a beta software that updates the navdata in MSFS -

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Hi, yes I have a Navigraph subscription and I am a beta member. If you leave the ATC to the sim, the simbrief is rarely followed. Different approaches, runways etc, not always adhering to the wind conditions either. Perhaps is just me…

Yes I have noticed that the ATC will give tailwind runways sometimes too, although this is done in real life also for noise and various other reasons, so I just follow the ATC or request a different runway if possible. Approaches can often change too so that is true to life.

Simbrief newbie here, a couple of questions please.

When Simbrief states that the airtime on the flightplan for my C700 is 40 mins, what speed should I be doing in order to achieve this and to satisfy my PACX customers? (Or should I have paid my Maths Teacher more attention when we had to learn about calculating the time and speed between two points?)

Second question:
Does Simbrief include SID & STARs, I can find the section referring to it but it doesn’t seem to add them to the flight plan…?

Bit of a late reply here, but usually airliners determine their speed using something called the cost index. You don’t need to know how it’s calculated, but basically it’s a ratio between the cost of time and the cost of fuel. So a high cost index means fly fast and spend more on fuel, while a low cost index means fly slow and spend less on fuel. The cost index is on the top left of the default sim brief Official Flight Plan PDF that you generate when you create the flight in sim brief.

That being said I don’t think the CRJ700 uses a cost index because there isn’t an auto throttle. Instead you can basically shoot for the fastest speed possible. Just give yourself a bit of a safety margin to keep from overspeeding the aircraft. More specifically, I believe the Aerosoft manual says a good typical speed is 300 kts. More information is in the manuals and tutorials here: Latest CRJ Manuals - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

In regards to the SIDs and STARS. Yes Simbrief includes them by default (usually). The best place to find them is in the routing on page 2. At the beginning and end of the routing you’ll see your departure airport and arrival airport. They’ll each have a slash with a runway number next to them. The second item and the second to last time in this list are usually the SID and STAR. Typically SIDs and STARS are named with several letters and number at the end. This number is the version. Normal waypoints such as GPS points and VORs don’t have numbers in their names. Airways (paths between waypoints) do haven numbers in their name, but they are usually one letter than several numbers. The only other thing you’ll see in the routing is DCT which stands for direct.

Can we get an option on the world map screen to pull the actual flight plan from SimBrief? So we don’t have to download the .pln and load it manually.

SimBrief flightplan has to be “saved” somewhere so whats wrong with using the SimBrief Downloader and saving it to the sim that way?
Otherwise you’re asking for the sim to be able to contact the website resource where SimBrief saves your flightplans - you’d only be cutting out a single step.
It would probably save a few seconds but honestly I think Asobo have more relevant things to sort ATM.

It would be a nice feature. Simbrief integration with the Fenix and FBW A320’s and the JF 146 works really well and makes life much easier, and I’d like to see Asobo learn from their example. But personally I think they have far more pressing issues to sort out.

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I know there are a lot of threads regarding Simbrief import, but that’s a different kind of topic!!

I would like to make a flightplan import from Simbrief to the “working titles” G1000 possible !!

Mod Edit: potentially misleading language removed. Please see Staff Comment below.

So my wish is:
“Please Microsoft do that agreement with Navigraph and WT will build the import on short term!”

Staff Comment: this requires a commercial relationship between Microsoft and third parties to implement. This does not in any way indicate Working Title agreement or endorsement for any such arrangements, which are solely the purview of the potentially contracted parties.

Does this mean, it will never get happen?

I love the idea as well, if Navigraph and Microsoft can come to a commercial agreement to link data to each other.

I realize NavBlue was supposed to be the charts and nav-data provider for MSFS back during the launch era of MSFS, but I’m starting to see that Navigraph is far more entrenched in MSFS and far more reliable as a source of information. My personal belief is that, due to the extent of Navigraph services across Flight Sim (from charts to Simbrief to Nav data), the user community would stand to benefit significantly from a Miscrosoft/Asobo/Navigraph partnership and full integration across the platform.

This is just my $0.02. I as a consumer would enjoy not having to open a million different apps simultaneously if the same could theoretically be accomplished entirely and seamlessly within the MSFS platform.

EDIT: Not to imply that WT should make an easy button import for Simbrief to the NXi flight plan page, I’m sure there’s a lot more than just a one-button downlink/uplink. I’m speaking more to a general partnership between all 3 organizations that allows Navigraph integration in general, and for the G1000NXi, this would include things like SafeTaxi[TM] and Charts. I’m sure WT could artistically create a rendition of the flightplan upload wirelessly using the Garmin Pilot app and a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, but yeah there should be more talk about a partnership as a whole first.


I would like to see an emulation of Garmin flight stream. This way one could directly exchange flight plans with the avionics and Garmin Pilot or Foreflight. Messing around with non-EFB-PC software is not how most GA pilots plan their flights.