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Hi, I’m Scriptless and the owner of

What is SIMDIR?

SIMDIR is a search engine and price comparison site for third-party add-ons of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Products listed on many add-on stores can be found directly through SIMDIR.


SIMDIR is not like all the other mod-sharing websites, where users can upload their scenery freeware or aircraft livery to a website. It is rather a register of all MSFS payware/freeware mods available on more than 7 different add-on shops.

What does SIMDIR do?

Up to four times a day SIMDIR checks for new products and also updates the price of existing products.
It also has a ‘sales’ category, displaying current add-on sales.


The website can always be improved and therefor I would appreciate your feedback .

Let me know what you think about SIMDIR and what improvements you want to see!
- Scriptless

My God this is AMAZING. I have website shortcuts from 3rd party websites in a folder: NO MORE thanks to you. This is so smart. Many many thanks for this. I believe this will become THEE reference in the future: be ready for a lot of activity!

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PS: one software is missing in TOOLS: Self-Loading Cargo

Handy…bookmarked and thanks

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it :blush:

Looks good, but can you provide a list of the stores covered so we can see coverage? Thanks

For example, I don’t see anythign from on here, but not sure if you look at that or not?

Sure, a list of covered stores will come in the next update.
We intentionally don’t list freeware mods from, as we only want to focus on the payware/freeware sector from original flightsim add-on stores like SimMarket etc. however is a good place for creators to upload freeware only add-ons, and we don’t want to mix them with store add-ons.

This is only advertising for large manufacturers or distributors. Where are all the small manufacturers who market their product themselves, e.g. FSTramp? If you do something like this you should inform yourself beforehand and know the market.

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In whch case, I think you are missing an opportunity - as the next post says - essentially advertising for a small group of developers, rather than a worthwhile resource for the community.

Hi, in this case we actually are beta testing a feature where creators of products which are not listed on the supported store websites can apply for a manual listing on SIMDIR, just keep an eye on our website :wink:

In the future I’d LOVE to see a login feature, that way we could:

  • Put manually a check mark “owned”
  • Set up a wish list (or favorites)

Thank you very much for reading.

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I think a famous online shop is missing: They just had their new addon for MS FS 2020.

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:ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2:

we just pushed an update, where we provide statistics about the current supported addon shops.
Click here:

Nice, we’ll add that in future updates! Thanks :innocent:

Looking forward to it. You have something really cool here.

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I’d also like to have the NEW category as another tab. Because, trust me, I know almost by heart what’s available and what I bought :slight_smile: Thank you !

The products are already sorted by latest release on page visit

Could you make it so that when we click on a store page the original page does not go back up and instead stays at [the level] the product we clicked on. Otherwise each time I have to scroll down and after a while that’s quite annoying :slight_smile:

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