SimObjects (StaticObject) and Behaviors

Hi All,
I’m trying to write a very simple Behavior script that uses the ATC ON PARKING SPOT simvar to show or hide a model node depending on it’s value. I’m using the standard ASOBO_GT_Visibility_Sim template and have tested with ASOBO_GT_Visibility_Code to confirm the correct model node is being shown or hidden. I can’t get the behavior to trigger when the aircraft arrives on or leaves the parking spot.

Am I missing something? I’ve read the Behaviors section of the SDK over and over but can’t find anything. Do I need to keep continually assigning the behavior for it to check the simvar?

Not all viariables are available to all kinds of Simobjects:

  • The user airplane has the largest amount of Simvars available.

  • AI planes have less Simvars compared to the user airplane.

  • Ground vehicles have even less Simvars, but ground vehicles might have extra Simvars airplanes don’t have.

  • Static Objects have even less Simvars than ground vehicles.

No, there isn’t a complete “table” saying which is available to what, sometimes it’s explicitly indicated in the documentation, but only for specific Simvars, the only sure way to know, other than guessing from the variable description, is to try. Because in some cases, there are Simvars available even if they are not really used by a certain kind of Simobject.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t see any mention of the variable availability in the docs, but did stumble upon some other forum threads which mentioned the problem after making this post. Instead of using ATC ON PARKING SPOT, I used the time variable instead for the node to only appear between certain hours, it worked perfectly, and cleared up my confusion regarding the behaviors.
It looks as though I’ll need to use a stand alone wasm module instead and try to pass the parameters the SimObject needs from there.
Once again thanks for the help, really appreciate it. I’ve been programming for 30 years+ primarily in C# .Net and this is the most confusing way of doing things I’ve ever come across LOL