Simonics ipad apps PFD/MFD

Having trouble getting my PFD and MFD displays to properly connect to FS2020. Installed bridge and opened firewall access but they don’t seem to communicate with the program. All running on same network.

Any advice appreciated.

Running the simonics exes as admin?

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I didn’t think to check that, but should be running as admin I would think, I only built the pc last week specifically for FS. But tbh I’m better with hardware than software.

Make sure you have the lastest plugin installed 3.3 I think from there website

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Yes have the plugin from their site installed. The two iPads are connecting with each other and I can enter the ICAO code into the PFD which automatically updates the MFD but then does nothing else. I might try uninstalling or deleting the bridge and reinstall and see what happens

Do you have simconnect installed? and also i have question - can i use older ipad2 with 16 gb? I have ipad air2 with 64gb for PFD, but i was wondering if i can use ipad2 for MFD?

No, iPad 2 will not run the MFD.

I am using the app and bridge without admin rights. Do you have the latest version of the app installed? And opened up the right UDP port? Quote from the simionic website:

Both G1000 Simulator and G1000Bridge(X) are using UDP port 1568. So make sure there are no other programs using that port. And, in some circumstances, you may need to open UPD port 1568 exclusively in your firewall software.