Simple Spotting Mission Functionality - Tagging Coordinates

While I was flying around it sort of occurred to me one possibility for mission functionality could be built in to the editor.

Imagine if there were search and rescue style missions - and other similar styles that rely on VFR - and the built in functionality to the game would be a way to use the mouse cursor to actually click on a location on the terrain below in real time to “tag” a location in the game world (it would raycast to a point on the ground and place a ui pin there). For example you identify the crashed plane after searching the last known location, and then you click on the crash site thats on the ground from inside the cockpit view. That would “identify it” just in UI, so that you can radio back the location to the rescue team with the coordinates to complete the mission. It would probably use a similar UI to ATC where you radio to ask for permission to land, etc. (I know, I know)

This is obviously a functionality that would need some back end engineering and UI work, but I think if it worked it would definitely open up all kinds of possibilities for missions and such. Especially if there could be custom designed SAR missions. It would have plenty of other applications too. Maybe even in multiplayer you could “tag” and radio locations to other players for whatever reason. Or even just sightseeing style missions. It might be too “gamey” for some, but to have anything of the sort you would have to figure out some kind of in game way to radio positions and such.

It could be a big step in making the landscape much more interactive.

Just a quick thought.

That sounds like fun, actually. You could be given rough areas to look at, like their last reported position was north of such, and such, a hill, or east of that river.

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I think they have said that they are trying to be very careful about how “gamey” things are, but in my book if they had something like that that used azure cloud to randomly generate these kind of missions within strict parameters, it would be amazing. They already do many of the same functions when they do copilot position reports to ATC. But thats generally only based on airports.

They probably shouldn’t have put all those landing challenges in then. :wink:

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sounds like fun too me.