Sims way to bright

Am guessing this is graphics issuse, the brigness of the sim needs to be looked at for goodness sake ya can hardly see the runway, the sim is far fair to bright and looks like fsx on a bad day in regards to shadeing. please note these are also set on high to ultra settings

please if you have the same issue post your pitures and coments lets see if we can get it sorted.

am bumping this

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Yea I think it’s a graphic issue not a downgrade.

run woith gamma at 0.8, a lot better, still not optimal, but not overblown anymore.

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Where can I set that option?

FWIW the sim brightness looks exactly the same as SU4 to me (I’m mostly flying in HDR, but I can’t tell any difference in SDR either), however it’s always been too bright in direct sunlight. We need virtual sunglasses. :wink:

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Adjusting the contrast may help

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If you decrease the contrast light spots get darker but in turn dark spots get lighter, so the whole image is flattened out.

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What lacks is the adjustment of shadows and highlights so I know what u mean