SimToolKitPro - Are people using it?

Hi guys,

I have been looking at an app that allows you to load flight plans, access charts and vatsim all in one and SimToolKitPro seems to do all of that and more.

I just wanted to know are any of you guys using it it are you using something else that has today sorry if universal functionality to connect charts, plans, vatsim etc from one app?

Thanks in advance :+1::airplane:

I was using it with P3D - Admittedly the Commercial flight plans are quite out of date on there, if searching for flights to do… and it has an annoying way of forcing you to use SimBrief, although there are workarounds if you use PFPX, however this method kind of negates searching for a flight plan in their library.

I haven’t attempted to use it on MSFS yet though. I haven’t installed FSUIPC or SimConnect at this stage.

All in all. It’s not a bad piece of software. I was going to use another platform for the same thing but their app had issues with allowing new users to search for flight plans or something, so I moved on to STKPro.

It’s worth looking into though. It’s free and if you don’t like it, you can uninstall it.

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I’ve used Plan-G, still working with it, the owner is active within the past day looking at connection issues. Seems like everything else, takes some time to get it working and/or waiting on MS


I prefer Little NavMap for GA, STKP caters more to the airliners which it does excellently. When we have some half decent airliners I’ll go back to using STKP with MSFS.

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Ok awesome thank you guys for your invaluable input, I will load it up and see how it goes, I do like the look of Plan-G also again thank you, greatly appreciated!!

Beware! Current STKP has a memory leak problem and cause CTD any simulators.

Memory leaks happen every now and again and to get an updated db of maps, locations, stars etc if you use navigraph you can use fms data manager to acquire the latest db same with mcas for msfs