SimToolKitPro - Local or Network?

Just trying to find solutions to problems i make for myself :slight_smile:

I have a triple screen setup plus two touch-screens and still no spare real-estate for goodies. I recently added STKP as a replacement logbook as the FS on is pretty much FooBar at present (has been for a long time). It runs in the background but as all my screens are full I can’t easily see it during a short stopover or while waiting at an airport mid-schedule :slight_smile:

If i run it on an old laptop and connect via network does it add much to network traffic that might cause issues with stutters in FS ? I’m not sure i can add any more screens to the main system as it’s pretty much flat-out already.

Any other options? I like STKP and it has many features i don’t use yet but might, i’m only using the logbook.

Well I thought i had found my solution - use my main laptop as a flight log and connect STKP via network but its refusing to connect

Support ticket opened…