Simulation rate reset button

I hope you would add button to reset simulation rate to default. Currently there is 3 buttons (Sim rate, decrease and increase). I have decrease and increase sim rate bound to my joystick and fly with VR. Workaround I use currently is to set sim rate to lowest and then two notch up. I think lowest are 1/4 and 1/2, then default. I hope this would be easy to implement.

This is a must and so easy to implement. I don’t understand why we don’t have this in 2021

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Ridiculous UI design, cant believed it got released in this state.

How is this not in the game yet? There needs to be a button to immediately reset to 1x normal simulation rate, and there should be an option to display the simulation rate in the corner of the screen as well. Whenever I increase the rate too much, I have a very difficult time knowing if I got back to 1x. And when I do, it takes too long to just switch back to standard.

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I think by mistake I increased the Sim Rate and I thought there was an indication of the rate on the screen somewhere but surprised there is none

Now my brain is unable to know what is 1x vs animation

I agree, UX to improve

Mmm - really fun in VR when I have mapped sim rate to a dial on my Virpil throttle. Works great to increase and decrease. But completely impossible to get back to normal time :slight_smile: