Simulation Speed

I have figured out how to increase and decrease the simulation speed which is helpful for long flights. However as far as I can tell there is no indication of what the speed currently is? So when decreasing the speed from a while, I can’t see how to tell if you’re on 1x or 2x or 5x, etc.

Surely there’s a way to tell?

I tryed R+ and R- but I dont have these key on a short keyboard do you know how I can increase and descrease sim speed on the menu ?

Yea it is annoying. The only way i can tell if back to normal speed is by looking at the seconds on the cockpit clock.

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Do you know how to set it without a shortcut ? Mine didn’t work

Do you mean the sim rate ?. Guessing thats the one that governs how fast or slow the sim goes. its in Options — Keyboard and put filter to all - in the search bar search for Rate ----- the top two is the one i think you want

yea that works. i also read the lowest sim speed is -2 normal speed. so if you’re unsure, just slowe it all the way down as far as it will go, then increase by 2 and you’re back to normal. as good a workaround as any for now :neutral_face:

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Look at the clock on the instrument panel. It speeds up and slows down!