Simulator events for switching between managed and selected mode in the A320

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Not sure if everybody already knows this (I didn’t) I just stumbled upon another case of non-published sim events. There are events to switch between managed and selected AP modes, but they are not in the SDK documentation.


You should be able to use them in whatever controller assignment software you prefer.

If you own the current version of AxisAndOhs you have to create two RPN scripts for each of those. For exampe for the speed mode:

  1. “Managed Speed Mode” with the code “2·(>K:SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET)”
  2. “Selected Speed Mode” with the code “1·(>K:SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET)”

Assign these scripts to buttons as desired.

I will add these events to the native list in the next version of AAO, so the scripts will only be a temporary annoyance.

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thanks for this , I was just searching for info about this, what VARs do we read to see the state of these switches? How did you discover these?

The vars are in the SDK documentation IIRC



The events aren’t toggles, they set a value. AFAIK 0 is no AP/ manual mode, 1 is selected mode and 2 is managed mode.

You can find stuff like this by analyzing the HTML, JS and XML files of the default planes and instruments.

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Any advice available on the best config tools to use for setting these lvars using the Bravo Throttle Quadrant toggle buttons. It used to be quite simple using the Alpha Yoke config tool on P3D but the config tool is not used on MSFS as far as I am aware
Thanks in advance

Well… Lorby AxisAndOhs obviously :o)

But seriously, there are probably several ways and apps to do this. Just be mindful that with MSFS you will want to not only access Lvars, but HVars too.

Just for the record: the variables above are proper internal simulator variables, not LVars. They can be accessed directly through SimConnect or an XML gauge as “(A:…”. LVars and HVars can’t be accessed that easily.

Thankyou for your reply, I checked and noticed of course that they do appear in the control section of MSFS but I am correct in my thinking that there is no way you can set these variables to a value 1 and 2 directly from within MSFS


What variable reflects the state of the A320 Approach button and what event can set it? thanks

I just completed my 300th flight in the A32NX.

thanks I got all those working except VS_SLOT_INDEX_SET where I want to “press” the “Push to Level Off” button .
I have tried passing 0, 1, 2 and “1” , “2” to the TransmitEvent function with no effect.

This is C# , any help on this one?

There are many many buttons in the Asobo cockpits (most actually) that are not tied to K: events or A: variables. With those you need to trigger the (animation) code directly, usually by manipulating L: or H: variables. Those variables cannot be accessed with SimConnect and in any case not from the “outside”. You have to write a module that runs inside the simulator (WASM) using the Gauges API to work with that kind of variable. And you have to find out their names by analyzing the code in the various HTML/JS/XML files, they are not documented anywhere (that would be pointless, because they are basically specific to each airplane, not “global”).

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…or you use AxisAndOhs, either directly or through its WebAPI. The app gives you access to all types of variables and events.

You still have to figure out the variable names. AAO can help a little bit, but Notepad++ “find in files” is usually the recommended tool.

Events and variables can be also found with Model Behaviour tool which can be found ingame when dev mode is enabled. I have found that it’s easiest method since you can click a button/switch and see the logic right away.

Can you tell me how to access the Model Behaviour Tool. I enabled Developer Mode and selected the A320NEO (FBW mod) but could not see this tool in any of the menus.

Thanks in advance

It’s in the Windows menu, just left of the Help menu :slight_smile:

Thankyou, I will have a look at it and see what I can find

Model Behaviour Tool. Can you help? I’m Trying to use it to find the event and or variable for the A320 FCU VS speed / Level off button

A332NX. I am setting Vertical Speed to -4000 (as a example) have selected a lower altitude (AP ALT is selected mode) and then I set VS_SLOT_INDEX_SET = 1 (selected) but it doesn’t have the effect of pulling the VS knob … so I must be missing a necessary event call ? Can anyone help?

1 (>H:A320_Neo_FCU_VS_HOLD)
Use that to pull the VS knob

1 (>H:A320_Neo_FCU_VS_ZERO)
And that for push

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