Simulator has become completely unplayable

Went from playing on medium graphics with steady frame rates, to updating and having the game be un-playable. since the update the game asked me to reset all my graphics settings, assistant options, even had to reset keybinds and my yoke buttons etc. I have another forum about my assitant options problem. But in any aircraft and even on low end settings, once I start panning around I get MASSIVE FPS drops and stuttering sometimes even freezing. Once I start taxi’ing the aircraft My FPS stutters around 2-5FPS and the game is completely un playable. I never had performance issues with the game before until now, and this has been pretty disappointing the past few days because I have a Itch I can’t scratch if ya’ll know what I mean.

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I experienced the same and dug deep into every setting and can now use VR with minor stutters and generally smooth now.

Hi @DarioonFSE,
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See the topic, “Your PC isn’t fast enough for Microsoft Flight Simulator”. This is applicable to literally everyone (even those who pretend otherwise).

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I dont see that topic when I search for it, and Im gonna have to re make this post anyways with a template

I think it was an attempt at humour.

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Here you go buddy: Your Computer Isn’t Fast Enough

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Same here… Waiting for sim update 10. Frames were okay but recently degraded a ton to the point vr even hurts.

Problems been SOLVED! I removed all addons out of my community folder except for my model matching for Vatsim, and the game is playable now, even turned my graphics back up. not sure which mod was causing the issue but I will report which one it is once I find out.

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that’ll do it. load too many mods at once and…

I assumed you had already done this. It’s always a recommended first step.

Might have saved those trying to help a bit of hassle.

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That’s why it’s important to always include the words, ‘On my system’ when highlighting a problem. So the title should have been, “Simulator has become completely unplayable on my system’.

It could be a combination, but one quick way is to halve your addons, then try each half independently.

With any luck only one half will have the problem. Now halve again. It wouldn’t take many iterations to find the culprit.

It took me 4 iterations to find out the BBS Islander was causing the sim to crash when downloading planes from the My Content page. A later version of the Islander fixed that problem.