Simulator startup error

Hello, can someone tell me why this is happening to me? When I start the simulator I get this error, two days ago it was working fine, today I can’t start the simulator, I can’t start the simulator from Xbox either, it gives an error, as seen in the images

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Update all apps via microsoft store app

Hello DiezPatrullla, I have already done it and I am doing it, but this comes up, it says that “there has been a problem on our side” and it does not update

Sounds like the MS servers strike again. Keep trying and eventually they will update. I had the same issue with the last smaller update. I kept trying and eventually things updated.

Ok Bam, I’m trying, but so far nothing, it doesn’t work, neither on PC nor on Xbox nor in the store, thanks.

Hello everyone, in the end there was no way for the simulator to be updated, I had to uninstall it and do an installation from scratch, now I finished making a flight and it works perfectly, something happened when updating that blocked the simulator.