SimWorks Studios TBM 850/910/960 series announced

On their discord SWS announced the development of the TBM 850, 910 and 960 starting in august:

Next, it is time for us to formally announce the TBM series! Back in January we signed a license with Daher which allows us to create the TBM850, 910 and 960 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Work on the aircraft will begin in August. Release is well down the road, but the -significant- upside is that all of the needed avionics will be mostly ready: the EFIS40 of the TBM850 is very similar to what’s used on the PC-12, while the G1000 and G3000 have finally matured and support a plugin system which will help us create an authentic avionics package. Last but not least, the TBMs will inherit all the codebase of the Kodiaks & PC-12, so while a lot of the ground work will be done in advance, they will still improve upon whatever the previous aircraft offer.


Exciting news! I love the TBM 930, so to get the 960 from Simworks will be awesome!


That’s pretty awesome!

Nice! One of my favorite planes! Can’t wait to see them.

Most exciting news since long time. The TBM 960 would be amazing in the SimWorks quality and system depth. Can not wait to fly this beauty :slight_smile:


Have there been any updates?

I’ve been wanting a good G3000 version of the TBM since AAU1 update broke the community improvement mod of the 930.