Singaporean Casual Pilots?

I’m a student pilot in Singapore. Anyone wanna fly together some day? Hahah

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Hop on over the causeway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lets fly GA aircrafts and land on the causeway :stuck_out_tongue: hahahah

I wouldn’t mind doing some A320 flights to and fro WMKK-WSSS if you’re down. probably about 1hr flight

I would love to!

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What’s your Xbox tag? I’ll add you!

I’m not from Singapore and definitely not a student pilot. If you mind I can join.

Add me too, but due to work, can only fly some of the weekend.

hi, please count me in too! i’m from sg

Add me too

Let’s go. Add me up

Add me as well! I am from Singapore and flying on the A32NX from WSSS - WMKL / WMKP / WMKK. Occasionally in the weekend and weekday nights due to work too :slight_smile: