Single pressed key triggers ALL keyboard bindings that include the key

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Keyboard bindings will trigger any binding using that key. Even when it is only a single key of a multiple key binding

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Pressing CRTL

Pressing ALT

Pressing CRTL+ALT

Clip of using CRTL+SHIFT+ALT+E to stop engine though it is tied to no command

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Start FlightSimulator
  2. Navigate to Controls Options
  3. Find existing binding using multiple keys
  4. Press a subset of the bindings of that key

For in game instance begin a flight and press CRTL+ALT+SHIFT. Various commands will trigger. I have had aircraft shut down from pressing just those three modifiers which are not tied to any single command.

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Specs or peripherals do not appear to be relevant. Can provide full list if needed.
Edit: Running on Windows 11 Version 10.0.22616 Build 22616

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yes seems as only attention to be highlighted with possible existing used key. Hope definitelly it also doesn’t proceed with any key action somwhere else, that’s most important.

That’s the problem I’ve found. If you start a flight anywhere, press CRTL+SHIFT+ALT+E the engine shuts off. If you look at the default bindings, nothing is tied to that keybind. Trying to record a clip of it now.