Sion Airfield in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Just thought I’d share some screen shots of Sion airfield. This is an excellent hand crafted airport available from Sim market and I totally recommend it if you like flying around the alps. Its superbly positioned for seeing Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Eiger, which are all within a relatively short distance.

Whats also great about it is that in real life the Southern side of the airport is given over to the Swiss air force and the Northern side is civilian. So its great for flying a mixture of military and civilian aircraft depending on what you fancy.

Here’s some shots of it. I’ve added a few personal touches to it just to customise it to suit what I fly.


Nice photos. Very nicely populated, it’s nice to see that for a change.


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Cheers. The airport does come with some static people, such as the plane spotters on the roof. The other people I added myself. I just like to see a bit of life in airfields.

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Very nice! Love the military aspect of this airport!

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Me - where do I live - in the U.K. How many U.K. airports have I bought - 2. How many Swiss airports have I bought - lost count 🤦🏻 and about to get another one. :rofl:

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