Sirakawa-Go, Japan

I watched the trailer. It is incredibly beautiful. Breathtaking scenery. Only one thing that is not good enough is Sirakawa-Go. That place is best known as historical houses.
So please some day make Shirakawa-Go more real.
Thank you

They can’t make the whole world pinpoint accurate.

Can’t you just be happy that Japan is going to get a great update? Next around will be a different area of the world. Maybe we’ll get around to Japan again in a few years.


Yes satisfied! I should not have been critically. I apologize. I just wanted to tell suggestion…

Hi there,
We installed a topic bumper in this section to bump older topics. Your post came up today. This thread started four days before the Japan World Update was released. May I ask if Shirakawa-Go was updated to your liking in the Japan update?

could you please refer to following URL, and compare MSFS2020
in the sim Buildings are too modern!!

I would dearly love to see this more accurately represented. It’s a World Heritage site and indicative of a time long past.

Planning to go there when I finally make it back to Japan next year, but being able to fly to it in FS would be fantastic.