Sitting on the sidelines watching the sim NOT go by

  1. Do you have any mods in the community folder?
  2. What is your current hardware setup?
  3. What is your current Windows version?
  4. MS Store or Steam?
  5. What version is your sim currently?
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If you are running on a overclocked CPU/ GPU it may result in CTD’s, at least that’s my own experience with the Sim as the main reason of CTD. Else maybe a driver issue or even the XMP profile which you can turn off in the BIOS.

Sorry if I did not give more info, here goes.

|Processor|AMD Athlon Gold 3150U with Radeon Graphics 2.40 GHz|

|Installed RAM|12.0 GB (9.92 GB usable)|

|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|

Windows 11

nothing is over clocked

Hope this sheds some light, thanks

Um… not trying to be mean here, but the specs of your PC are TOTALLY inadequate for playing MSFS. Did you check the system requirements before buying? I’m not surprised at all the sim won’t run.


I felt the same until, some clever bloke came up with a registry mod, total game changer, why MS didn’t advise this I don’t know, I am now up to 90 frames at cruise, 55 at major airports. There are some smarter people than me on here and this latest tweak really improved the performance, silky smooth

There’s your problem. Your PC is painfully under the minimum prerequisite to run the sim at all. Its integrated GPU just doesn’t meet the minimum to run the sim.


Could you elucidate please and provide the link? Thank you very much.

Edit: found it thanks

I use ProtonVPN and it solved a downloading problem I had.

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No force on earth will make that PC run MSFS well.


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Please see Minimum Requirements here.

Care to share?

Here is a link to the post.

You may find it quicker to do a search, in this case for “registry mod”, from the search magnifying glass, top right of each forum page.

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Search function isn’t so great on mobile for me and I’m sure that many others would brush across this topic and hope for a link to referenced fix too. :slight_smile:

Tried this. It did absolutely nothing on my end. That said, I wasn’t suffering from any catastrophic performance issues, but there was zero measurable difference for me from making this registry change.

And in any case, that point is moot in this thread. The OP’s computer is just way too underpowered to run MSFS.

The registry edit did nothing for me either.
I actually PM’d the original thread poster about his specs and never heard back from him.

The guy who posted the thread has his specs in his post…

Win11 - Ryzen 9 5950X - Geforce RTX3090 - 32GB

It’s Obi Wan Kenobi

Yeah, I mean to talk to him about them being low, and to see what he had for sim and GPU settings!

Sorry. You meant the OP for THIS thread. He also posted.

It’s a laptop with this APU. Totally unsuitable for MSFS and below the minimum specs.

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