SKMD Medellin.....dark

Just flew from Panama to Medellin, Columbia. Upon my evening arrival the entire airport, including runway is dark, with no lights. The entire city is lit up as it should be, but no lights at the airport. I landed and went back to World Map and loaded a simple departure and it was the same. Also, on take off I noticed maybe 20 bright lights approximately 300ft above the ground. As I ascended from takeoff, I flew above these (stars) and circled around for a landing and then the lights seemed to be zooming around above the city.

If anyone gets a chance to confirm, that would be great. I was in the TBM, but that shouldn’t make a difference.

I can’t help it!

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The chart shows there are REIL and a rotating beacon but hours of operation are 1030 - 2330. Is that also simulated?

Ya know when I posted this and re-read it, I thought “this sounds a little crazy”. LOL

Good question, but there was no rotating beacon on either of my flights. It was just after sunset when I landed, so I doubt it was after “closing time”.