Skunkworks TF-104 issue

Hi all, I hope someone can help me out here. I purchased this recently and installed it into my D: drive, MSFS Community Folder. It works very good in there with the exception of accessing “The Lady” icon (or something like that) to add tiptanks. I apologize for my limited knowledge but am baffled as to why I can’t access this icon yet everything else works fine!


The “Lady” program only start to work when the flight is loaded and of course the Starfighter is the loaded aircraft .

Good luck!

Thanks for your response MNPOSTEMA4699,:grinning:, but nothing happens at all when I begin the flight even though I can fly it, but no such program shows up at all. Would it be because I’m not installed in drive C:?

In the community folder, in the data directory, is an exe. file “ladysetup”. Run it from there once you have the TF ready in MSFS and you should be OK

Ah, I’ll have to give that a try. I found the exe.ladysetup but tried to activate it while not in the sim. I’ll have to attach that file to my taskbar and try opening when the aircraft is loaded…unfortunately won’t be able to do anything till I get home this evening! Thanks again!!

OK, running it from the taskbar does not work with me, I. an only run it directly from the data directory. Could well be an issueon my PC only, of course…. Good luck!

Hey Folks, thought I’d let ya’s know everything is working as it should, the only bummer seems to be that for some reason it does not remember where I changed it to, I have to reset it each time after changing planes. One challenging plane to fly for sure, but that’s what makes it great!