Sky empty this week or two

There are green dots on the world map, this means the server is online. However once in the sim there is little to none traffic, especially there’s no in and out traffic at airports. I havent been simming much lately, dont know it’s been talked about, feels like for a week or two the traffic has disappeared…

I have the same thing. Green dots on the map but then when flying, even in say London, there’s no-one? I have multiplayer turned on and ALL PLAYERS. I have done LIVE TRAFFIC but still at best 2 or 3 planes are visible in game. Anyone?

Seems like it’s a unique problem for just a few, I’ll report to Zendesk

I seem to remember back on day one I was “seeing” planes sitting on the ground at KJFK while I was flying in the UK. Made me turn off labels. Ever since I rarely see any planes unless its at night when I see the lights. Maybe ASOBO toned things down or perhaps its just that planes really don’t fly that close irl.

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