Sky Trails: JAPAN! Flight #12

Join us for an in-depth sightseeing adventure over the mountainous islands of Japan. In this series of flights we combine the thrill of low-level bush flying with great conversation, personal stories, local folklore, cultural and historical trivia. Let’s go to Japan!

*Flight #12 Highlights: Kurobe Gorge, The Japan Alps, Sarutobi Canyon, Matsumoto Castle

*When: Wednesday January 26th, 2022 @ 2000z (UTC)

*Server: West USA

*Duration: About 2 hours

*Suggested Aircraft: Shock Ultra, Aviat Husky, or any bush plane with floats.

*Cruise Speed: 90-100 KTAS

*Objectives: We turn inland for a winding bush adventure through the narrow canyons of the Japan Alps, with nowhere to land but in the rivers and lakes. This will test your piloting skills.

*Flight Conditions:
Multiplayer: All Players
Air Traffic: Off
Weather: Live Weather preferred but only if VFR conditions prevail.
Game Time: 15:00 JST

*For live chat, flight plans, detailed information, or just to hang out with some great guys, visit our Discord server:

*Suggested Scenery:
Matsumoto Castle » Microsoft Flight Simulator

*Flight Map:


A lot of fun, better and better, week by week, for me, thanks a lot!

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