Skyhawk 172 CDI Button Stuck

Every now and then, the CDI selection button in the Skyhawk 172 will stop working, making it impossible to switch between VOR 1, VOR 2 and GPS. It happens mid flight. I can initially always set it but after a while it just stops working. I am submitting a ticket. Just wondering if others have had this issue…?

Do any of the other soft keys continue to work? Does functionality ever return, or is it dead for the rest of the flight?

It is dead for the rest of the flight. So far, it is the only button that stops working, at least on that plane. I haven’t noticed it on other planes with the same Garmin, although since it is intermittent I can’t be sure if it is particular to that one plane.
There are so many other issues with Autoplilot functions on the planes (severe trim issues and banking when AP is disengaged) that I often don’t get a chance to utilize the full NAV functions anyway.)

I don’t have those issues. I fly GA only, across maybe half a dozen planes, and have not observed that behaviour, or that button failing mid flight.

Are you certain you don’t have any mods installed that might affect this?

My Community folder is empty. I too have been only flying GA and a few planes, only because the AP on the jets and airlines is even more wonky.
It is interesting that some users have these AP issues and others do not. I wonder if it could be joystick related. I m using a KBSim Gladiator. It works well as far as I can tell.

But I guess that’s another topic from this one about the CDI.

I just came across the same issue in the Grand Caravan. Switched from GPS to VOR1 to VOR2 using the CDI key, and then I was stuck in VOR2 for the rest of the flight. The button was doing its ‘press’ animation when I clicked it but the CDI wasn’t actually changing.

Having the same issue in the PA28 by “Just Flight!”. The CDI key of the 530 is permanently stuck in VLOC mode. This only happened immediately after installing the latest MS navdata patch a few hours ago and has never happened before.
The PA-28 is the only mod I have currently installed, but unfortunately it was also updated just minutes before the latest patch for MSFS was pushed through steam, which complicates the troubleshooting a bit.

EDIT: disregard, turns out JustFlight disabled the CDI button and replaced it with a hardware switch for whatever reason.

As far as I know, this only started happening after the last World Update.

This happens with me too and it’s very frustrating. On other soft keys too sometimes on both versions of G1000 on XBOX.

My first idea was to reboot it in game to see if that worked, but of course it didn’t.