I have registered in SkyVector, and if I remember correclty there are general conditions mentionning that the user is supposed to use it for Real aviation and not for gaming.
I was a bit surprised but can understand it anyway.

Is there other web ressources similar to SkyVector and good enough for simulation then?

Really? I use it a lot. Do you have a link to that text?

Using Skyvector is fine to use for Flight Simulators just don’t submit a FAA flight plan. All its saying is that you should not officially file a flight plan for a simulated flight. As long as you are only using it on your machine and not submitting it as if you were really going to fly it you will be fine.


Thank you very much. This is what I did not understand I suppose.
Feel better to use it now, it is fantastic tool.

Sorry @lynhoffenmeyer :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, what constitutes as officially filing a flight plan?

when you go to the airport and file a flight plan to fly a real aircraft in real life

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Ah, thanks. :+1:

you can submit flight plans online but as long as you don’t file it you are fine.

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I prefer SkyVector to plan my flights but as has already been mentioned, don’t file as it is for real world pilots.

On the other hand is for simmers! I just don’t use it very much. I have seen (as a VATSIM controller) other pilots use simbrief to actually ‘file’ their flight plan.

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Really though - there’s not much need to register on SkyVector, as you can use most all of it’s features w/o it. It’s a great resource - I love having charts, procedures, airways at my fingertips.


that’s what i though after registering myself…

A great thing about SkyVector is the ability to click on the icon underneath the time fields in the pop up box and choose from a selection of popular real world routes undertaken ie KSAN to KSFO etc, all of which respect air space restrictions.