Slew Mode Not Working?

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Normal Mode

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Nope - but mods should be irrelevant (maybe)

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Slew Mode does not seem to work. Pressed Y key on keyboard (assigned). Nothing happens.

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No screenshot

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See above

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Not relevant

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SU10 today.

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Slew works.

Check your keyboard mapping for the Y key.

Okay, then I’m not sure what’s going on. I even reassigned the ‘Y’ key to slew mode. I press Y and nothing happens.

Don’t know.
I’m in the WTCJ4.

What plane are you flying?

Pmdg 737-800.

Don’t know about it. Don’t fly the heavies.

Try the C172 G1000 to test your equipment.

Hi had this happening sometimes I start a flight at a gate. CRTL-E doesn’t start the engines, cockpit buttons to start the engines are not working and slew mode is not working (it’s possible to enter it but it won’t accept keyboard entries or controller/flightstick commands).
As mentioned only happened at a few occasions with the default A220 and I first encountered this problem in the 1-2 weeks before SU10 got released and now.