Does it work? Can you slew the aircraft position/ time? Not talking about the camera or drone! It used to be “Y” then F keys… mine just seem to think i want to move the drone camera…

Slew is by default bound to your “Y” key. If you go into Options / Controls / Keyboard or Joystick and search the term “slew” you will find all the settings you can bind for slew movement.

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Its also available in the developers menu if you enable it.

As shared by @Sartanius the ‘Y’ keyboard key does toggle Slew mode on and off. You can then manually configure Slew movements to your primary controller, or as I do use a secondary Xbox Game Controller. Slew movement automatically binds to the right joystick and Drone movement binds to the left stick. Really handy and intuitive for plane and drone movement.