Sliders in UI: Please add ability to type a number

With the sensitivity sliders, your only option is to use the mouse right and left to get an exact number or percent on the slider bar. Please add the ability to type a number for each value. There is nothing worse than trying to move the mouse back and forth trying to get a certain number, for example “16” and it switches between 15 and 17, but won’t give you 16. :joy:

Please allow custom value input for all sliders in settings. Example: 75% scaling is a sweet spot for quality/performance, unfortunately you can only select 70 or 80 and not a value in between. It is possible to do this by editing the config but the changes may get lost when changing other settings.

Alternately, put arrows on each end of the slider so that it moves one “notch” for each click of the arrow.

Example: trying to set a time-of-day to 9:00 am is pretty much impossible using the slider only.

This request should be placed under the heading of “productivity/usability improvement”.