Slightly confused about the update

I purchased the game from the MS Store.

I had an update yesterday but it was very small.
Are we supposed to get a very large update today?

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The update was about 300MB via the MS Store updater. The contents of the update are in the news post from last Thursday. Another news post is due today - but not another update.

That update size seems about right. Going to the MS Store to update a game is tacky.
Well I guess the update didn’t do much. Nothing seems to have changed in the game.
Thanks for the reply.

Size of update doesn’t corelated with number of changes etc.


  • Textures, Sounds take a lot of space

MS Store can download in background (core app update), packages updates are downloaded when you run application

Version check: Application title bar (current is 1.7.14), fastest way: change application to windowed mode

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