Slow Download Issues

First of all I want to apologize I use the translator Bing, I do not know enough English language.

Good morning to all of you.
For me in France, despite a connection with the fiber 1Gb, it is about 9 pm at home and since this morning around the 11 I launched this update. Everything is blocked, no flow. I had hoped that for 120 euros we would have better services. I’m just having problems. I have tried many attempts using vpn. but nothing, still no throughput, are the microsoft servers out on Western Europe?
Are there any solutions?
Kind regards.


Hi @AlarmeTable32, welcome to the forums.

I am unable to help you with your issue, however, I have updated the thread title and tags in the hope it will draw more attention to your post.

Thank you for going to the effort of using a translator.