Slow Download Speed Megathread

Hey, I joined just to say: thank you so much for posting this! I was stuck on ~5 Mbit downloading for a day and now I get up to 80. I put my download on pause and install warp and it just worked!

I wonder is there any downside to keep using WARP or should I remove it after my FS download is finished? I didn’t have any download speed issues before except for the FS installer.

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WARP change your DNS to Cloudflare and offer a VPN. So, the reason for limited download is most propally your ISP. You can try to change only the DNS to or others like ( its some time recommended in the topic , e.g. Slow Download Speed Megathread - #148 by MichaMMA ( also nearby a how to ) ) and with bit luck the VPN is not necessary. Or you can speak with your ISP.
Downsides of a VPN: usually additional costs if you not want slower speed than before. Providers often collect data. All traffic go through that servers, so you depend on that. Some time issues because of again somewhat is blocked ( e.g. because your ‘virtual’ location )… etc…

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if you have a lenovo pc, and none of the above solved your problem.

Go to > “lenovo ventage” software and turn of “network boost” and “wifi security”. MAGIC!

3 months trying to solve it, today I did it.

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Good find :slight_smile:

First post on this forum :slight_smile: I was getting network time outs and overall very bad performance and when I did a standard speed test I saw 300MB download but only 1 or 2mb upload but other devices on my network got 300MB up and down which is what I pay for. I disabled IPv6 on my network adaptor and it fixed the problem. MSFS works fine and my upload and download are now the same.


I needed to re-download MSFS from scratch this week and was consistently getting 2.5 Mbps on average. I have the Virgin 1Gbps package.

Nothing worked from this forum to raise the speeds. I tried several VPN’s, flushed DNS, port forward’s, autotuning, deleting rollingcache, connecting straight to my router, connecting to a mobile hotspot and changing DNS settings. Nothing worked.

So today the download finished and the game installed. I checked the in game settings for bandwidth speed and found it was set to 5Mbps maximum speed. Why would Microsoft set this as default for a massive download? I changed the setting and marketplace downloads were done in minutes.

did you mean the in-game bandwith settings ?

There is no limit per default, users set this by itself. There are topics where it is mentioned that the in-game limits also affects the downloader.

I whish they would atleast download the files in paralell, not one at a time, but well… that was something FTP programs could do in 1998 so MS cannot be expected to have discovered this technology yet.


It’s really not a pity that such a big company has challenged people like this? Why do you force people to suffer so much for a trivial problem like the first people? Well, reduce the size of these packages with compression algorithms and Put it on Microsoft’s official site for those who have original games to download and copy them to the game folder to experience a better speed. I live in Iran with the ■■■■ government’s filtering, I have a speed of 0.40 Mbit, isn’t it a shame? After 5 days, I still have downloaded 20 gigs. Really, if I am an employee of the company and read this topic, I will change the update process tonight, we are already tired.

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