Small JS config file mod to gain 10/15+ FPS in airliners and glass cockpit planes

Yeah, I thought about that some more last night and I’m going to pick up something bigger tonight. I definitely don’t want an air cooler, so I’m looking at the Corsair H100i RGB which my local Microcenter has in stock. (Even though it’s an unlocked CPU, I won’t be doing any overclocking.)

You will probably get away with it if you did not overclock, just lower the voltages down until its stable and cooler :slight_smile:

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  1. Render scaling set to 80% makes the sim blurry for me (of course). Any fixes to help with this?
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Yes, but you don’t want to hear it.

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Hmmm the fps counter says its limited by GPU, according to the taskmanager my CPU is chilling at 13% usage (although mainthreat is pretty high, ugh). So i guess this mod isn’t going to do much for me. Hopefully someone finds a similair GPU mod then :slight_smile:
Oh well Going to give it a try and see what it does!

In 4K it isn’t distracting at all for me. Below 4K forget about it.

That’s the same for me, my AMD 2700X CPU is hovering around 25% while my RTX2070S GPU is at 100%.

The only thing that’ll improve my fps is a faster GPU, fortunately, I’ll be getting the RTX3080 when it’s released. Then I’ll hopefully get 60 fps throughout.

Yeah Ill be keeping an eye on the RTX3080 as well. Maybe we will get a 3080ti or something to fill in the big price gap btween the 3080 and 3090. Either way it seems my 1080ti has finally met is match with MSFS2020 :sweat_smile:


So I’ve been using the manual fix with %2 since right after this came out and it’s worked great. Can someone tell me which of the downloadable “Hz” fixes is the equivalent?

Yeah I have 1080p, RIP haha. One more question, I was an alpha tester and dont recall the trees looking so bad / spawning in so close to my plane. I’ve tried resetting my preset to ultra and toning down back to my settings. It didnt work. I tried toning up synthesis textures to ultra and still seems to be happening.

Im not sure if its on their side or mine. But alpha testing, the trees never spawned in so close to my plane and now they are only 2-3 miles away spawning in. Do you know any way to fix this? I was even considering a fresh install.

It depends on your average frame rate. Try the 15Hz as a first option.

You might want to try this first before you buy a 3080TI?
I found this today increase your frame rate by 23fps it has something to do with the map app in the simulator. Here is the prove.
Screen shot with my regular frame rate 35fps

Now open your map inside the simulator then by touching the middle selector free it from the screen.
Now look at the frame rate 58fps.

I am sure they will fix it but in the mean while use this to increase your frame rate.


Thanks, well, my max FPS is 40 as I have it limited in the Nvidia control panel. Mostly to reduce heat output until I can expand my cooling loop as the sim hammers both the GPU and CPU and apparently my loop can’t cool that well enough with both going full bore like that. I average about 32-35 at a dense airport in heavy weather with the A320 without the fix, about mid-upper 20’s in the 787, but the %2 version gives me about 30-33 fps as a low in the 787. Maybe I misunderstood the “Hz” fixes vs the original style.

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I’ve tried that before: Unexpected FPS boost for dual monitor users! - #5 by FlavorFlav365 unfortunately it didn’t work for me. In fact, it decreases my fps by 10.

Thanks for the suggestion though :smiley:

You can’t rely on external FPS monitors. Turn on developer mode and enable the fps display in the sim and see if you get the same results. If I use EVGA Precision to report FPS and undock a window it will report 1000’s of FPS in both windows for instance but I’m not actually getting 1000’s of fps.

Interesting my GPU was always running at between 98%-100% and at 83 degrees.
Using the map setup my fps increased and my GPU % decreased to about 80% and 78degrees
I don’t have the answers as to why but the map program has something to do with it.

You do not have to have duel monitors to feel the effect. Look at my screen shot.

I opened File Explorer window on top of screen, and it gave +5 to 10 fps.
For me it seems that any other window on top of cockpit gives you more fps when mouse pointer is activated at the other window…

Bad side here is, you can’t do anything within the simulator, when your mouse is elsewhere…

OK I will check in developer mode.

I think my main problem is that I’m running the game across 3x 1080p monitors using spanning mode.
I think I’m stretching my GPU to its limits. :joy:

I’m currently playing the game now, just tried popping out the map, but it didn’t make any difference for me.