Smaller and colored nameplates for traffic (Updated 2021-01-29)

I tried blue but will try a couple of the others.

Ah no wait: the Airbus isnt loading as i thought! Something is wrong my end as I guessed! Will probably need to re install the whole ■■■■ thing! Great little addition by the way!

Created my own edition.
No ALT and CALLsign, white color with border.


Looks good too, I like white at day, but it’s too bright at night.
You could have a try with the opacity in that case to find a middle ground for the scenarios.

I’ve modified mine for me to only show altitude below the nameplate since that is useful for formation flying in multiplayer (where speed and distance would be great as well but not available).

Funny story by the way - the javascript contains a test algorithm, but the tester/coder seems not very familiar with the topic. There’s variables called “PLAIN_TYPE” and “PLAINE_SPEED” where obviously PLANE_* would’ve been correct :smiley:
Not sure what that says about the quality of the product…

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I’ve been playing a bit with size and spacing, how exactly do I eliminate type from the display as you did? Also is there a way to put altitude in front of type as an option?

You can surely do anything with CSS, it’s just that testing is tidious due to the loading times of the sim. Since I cannot give a full tutorial without trying myself, you’ll have to try yourself or live with what is given.

The change to show only altitude is in the Javascript file which I do not want to make as a mod yet. Maybe once the patch is out and I know what is changed with regards to the nameplates, I’ll make one.

What should work is to add to the CSS file which is in the mod the following lines at the bottom - but I haven’t tested it yet.

/* hides all data items and the separators */
igm-airtraffic-3d .data-item, igm-airtraffic-3d .data .separator {
display: none;
/* shows only the altitude */
igm-airtraffic-3d .data-item[data-type=“PLANE_ALTITUDE”] {
display: flex;

I had very weird effects when changing the files while the sim is running (the worldmap suddenly showed a huge TBM900 :smiley: So better edit it when the sim isn’t running.

little fix colors

I suggest you make an own thread if you plan to post more updates etc. So that users interested in your version will find your uploaded file more easily.
Also I want to avoid getting notifications for contents that I did not create :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I don’t plan mod anymore. It’s just based on your mod. This last message

Quite right! Got this working now. Fantastic! thanks. I installed windows 2004 recently and it was compressing folders even though I hadnt asked it to do so. Got rid of that and everything is fine!

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Thanks a million for the mod…LOVE IT!

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Updated the mod to work with the new update of MSFS.
You’ll have to download your preferred version again, delete the previous folder in your Community folder and copy the new version there.

The version of the manifest seemingly has to be at least equal to the packaged that it’s overriding, so I increased it much higher to account for future updates.

Now that the nameplates no longer cost so much performance, they’re really a joy to use :slight_smile:


Much appreciated sir! :smiley:

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Thank you very much, much appreciated !

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Thank you,

Those original name plates just take away so much from realism. Prefer the radar style.


Moved the whole project to GitHub - check out the initial post for the link, including all instructions, previews, download etc.
There you can contribute if you have a new variant or simply make a fork to modify your own version of it.

In the meantime I switched to green, since it is the best readable for me :slight_smile:


Now THAT makes sense. They look great! Thank you, sir.

Is there a way to add “Distance” to the displayed data.

It would be nice to know how far away those blips are.

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No, there is not more data provided than is displayed. That’s something you could post in the Wishlist category if there is no such post yet.

Very good, but i would love a hotkey to turn nameplates on and off rather than go back and forwards in the menus, like to turn them off for screenshots

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