Smoke or contrails or what is it?

Since the last update i’ve seen some weird smoketrails now and then. Especialy during some takeoffs when my plane is on the taxiway.

During some flights the last couple of days and some graphic setting testing from my end i witnessed something strange on the end of the left runway with something taking off

Anyone knows what this is and where it’s coming from, because contrails so low…naaaa and i though smoke was not implemented yet in MSFS

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Seems like smoke to me, (just my opinion on that) noticed it first at Madeira Airport LPMA and LAX when I was on stand and taxing as well as at at a few other airports. When ever I’ve seen it I think a plane was taking off

Yes, but smoking A320’s, Cessna’s e.d…. Never seen that before. Only contrails high in the sky

I’ve seen those, I thought it was related to FSLTL traffic after SU10 so I removed it, I haven’t been using the sim lately so I’m not sure if it was the culprit.

I moved this to Community Support, where people help each other.
Is this Sim Update 10 or the Sim Update 11 beta?

I`ve had this effect since FSLTL, also massive smoke effect on landing aircraft.

Sim update then. FSLTL installed and the new fenix installed.

Had another one just at Rio de Janeiro intl airport…
Looks to me something is wrong with the contrails…

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Okay, sounds like several people are saying it’s FSLTL. You may want to remove that addon temporarily and see if you see them.

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WIll test it tomorrow. But i guess that’s it. But it’s not with all planes.

clearly doesnt show here with FSLTL off

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Marked post as solution.

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