They didn’t joke when they said that this update was going to improve smoothness did they !! My GPU is not even breaking a sweat !!

Jokes aside - it does feel very smooth i must admit


Yeah! Whole new game. The PMDG 737 is locked in at a steady 30fps at a busy airport with terrain LOD cranked up to 300! Woot!


I came here to post this too! It’s noticeably smoother.


Really improved performance!


Sorry to rain in the parade (or on the parade, whatever, no native english here): Fenix A320 still has stutters during final, also the TBM had.

Sorryyy… :frowning:


I’ll check those out. I’m in the F-22 playing around near Thunder Bay now. Good to know. The F-22 is great w/this update.

Really depends on the system and settings. I have no more stutters with fenix. (Su14)

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I’m getting all tingly over here… :heart_eyes:


I’m in a place I’d surely drop frames at normally. The sim has always hated ice and snow. No more! Wow…

Smooth okay? What about stutters and loading factors on final? I have always had this sim smooth no matter what aircraft and settings but cant get rid of pesky short final stutters and im not using rolling cache


GPU and RAM specs? I’m curious…

I have a RTX3080 & 12700K

16gb ddr4, nvidia rtx 3080ti, i7-7700k skylake

Im betting its gonna be on my cpu like i supposed but im not the only one with a vast ampunt of complaints from what i read on different forums around the community with better systems

I’m on a 5950x, 3090, and 64g. This title, for whatever reason, barely utilizes my CPU. It’s rare that it ever goes over 20%. I have noticed in the areas that require more power(big cities, busy airports, etc.) tend to utilize much more RAM to keep things smooth. I’m no computer guy by any means, but the best move I’ve made since flying was going to 64g/maxing out my board.

In an area like that now. Snow and Ice flying low at high speeds. Per my counter, I’m at around 15% CPU, 75% GPU, 21% RAM, and 40 FPS with almost maxed out settings.

Yikes 64g? Let me uograde my processor and cpu first! :joy:


If you go into your system monitor, guaranteed that you will be maxing out 1 or 2 cores. If you’re just looking at overall utilization, it will look very low, but thats because MSFS is largely single-core based, and does not take advantage of multi-core performance. Thats most likely your limitation (as it is for most).


Current situation. The FPS counter goes away if there’s another window open on top of the sim.

excellent performance - silky smooth. I did get one very large freeze…but i will over look that for now could have been one of the paywares. Really smooth, I had the spinning circle after the mandatory update for dune (i did not install Dune from market place) and performance tanked for some reason (99% fps at 20), back to closer to 45 with Frame gen taking me to my fixed 60 fps with very high/ultra settings. This is lkooking like a good one - the 172 is also looking pretty good on the ground, bobbling along!

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100% which is why the X3D CPU’s handle MSFS so well, less cores but the V-Cache makes the difference!


I have no issues. If this is limited, I’d love to see what my rig can do without restraints.