Snow in Summer at Juneau AK and Snettisham AK

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I have Dev mode turned off

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When I go to Juneau AK and Snettisham AK there is ALWAYS snow on the ground even in the dead of summer when I am in LIVE WEATHER. If I change it to clear, then it looks fine as “clear” but turning live weather back on, the snow returns.

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Runway at Snettisham AK

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July 30th 2022 at 4 pm

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Turn on sim, select Snettisham as the departure location and fly

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nothing “special”

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Same issue at altiport Megeve (France).

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

same issue at the moment with live weather in LSMM/Meiringen in switzerland

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we have at the moment temperatures of over 30*Celsius and snow only present in the mountains well above 3000 meters.

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I see the snow EVERY time I start at Juneau or Snetisham, AK.

Took off from Ketchikan Aug 2, 2022 in summertime. (All green). Landed at Juneau AK and it is all snow. So the snow has to be hanging somewhere in a cache for the Juneau AK area. I’ve deleted the scenery indexes and cleared the caches. (doug)

I am showing snow (in summer) at LSMM just like I am seeing it at Juneau AK. So this problem is not a “local computer” problem. Please try Juneau AK and see if you are seeing snow in summer.

Yeah, I also get snow in Juneau using live weather. It seems like MSFS has some pre-determined area that is snow and ice, based on ???, because the entire coastline suddenly turns to winter. Also saw the same thing during a live stream the other day.

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Real Weather is off and I start off with a “preset” (for atmospheric) weather. Once I am flying, I start real weather and the snow goes away.

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It’s an issue across the Canadian border, too.

Shocked they didn’t catch this one… Bella Coola, BC, one of the new bespoke airports in WU:Canada, shows snow today despite it being 62 degrees.

Actual webcam at Bella Coola airport a few minutes ago:

The sim, with live weather active:

Same issue that’s been reported in Juneau – year-round snow, even when it’s summer/fall weather and decidedly not snowy there.

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This W/A does not work for me.

Same. This was yesterday around Juneau. Started with a partly cloudy preset, switched to real-world weather, and snow in late May. :frowning:

The snow cover algorithm just doesn’t work in some regions. I wish this had more votes.

So many things broken and lost in this sim. But hey…it is all about usless stuff nobody wants.

This is not specific for Alaska basically the live snow layer algorithm provided by meteo blue is injecting snow layer from a very zoomed out data source from the live snow layer maps hence why we are seeing great blobs of snow around mountainous areas that spills over into nearby low altitude areas covering what should be snow free bits of land like the valleys. It happens at Innsbruck as well in the alps. Basically the data source is not taking in consideration altitude for snow layer only where it is which then spills over where it shouldn’t because the data source taken is to zoomed out.