Snow partially at low altitudes at 19°C in LOWI

It may be a step in the right direction but it’s kinda like changing the windshield wipers on your car, which is good, but ignoring the two flat tyres you’ve had for the past few years as you drive along. IMO

Just look at the su14 forum, still plenty of frozen lakes and rivers it seems. So I’m not sure they even changed the wipers if we stick to this analogy.

Anyways, doesn’t matter what we say here. They have their schedule and plans we are just along for the ride.


In fact it is totally irrelevant what they say, as it is unfortunately very unreliable anyway:
Sebastian Wloch acknowledged lacking detail in the data resolution for snow coverage available in the sim in the Q&A from Nov. '22 (“the data is there, but it is not in the sim”), and Jorg Neumann promised talks with Meteoblue in early 2023.
In the latest Q&A however Seb indeed only mentioned that they intend to fix an error in data units from a previous update and the possibilty of further improvements after possible consultations with Meteoblue.

These Q&A aren’t worth much anymore, especially after they have taken the approach to collect questions via a form sent into a black box. That way they can sell us all the “answers” they’d wanted to publish anyway.


Totally agree on the Q&A part and on the annoying fact that this issue is still not resolved, was just pointing out that they never said snow coverage will be fixed in SU14 and some now claim that they did so. Doesn’t make the whole story better, totally agree with you on that.

What sometimes drives me even more crazy than the fact nothing is done about it is the even more puzzling fact that obviously so many simmers do not use live weather but just fly around with weather presets. Otherwise it is inexplicable that this issue still gets comparably low attention also by the community. For me, it has become THE immersion breaking bug and prevents me from flying in live weather conditions in vast areas of the world, which is really… well…

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Yeah that’s what happens when features are broken, you stop using them. Like atc…

If at least they came out and said, we’ve looked into it, we can’t change the snow map resolution due to X Y or Z, I dunno, maybe cost, maybe xbox memory limitation, maybe something else, but as a workaround we’ve added a toggle to turn snow accumulation of in live weather. Or we’ve turned it off automatically if temps around above 2C. Or something.

It wouldn’t be great, but it’s just silence, or even worse they promise us an update and then it’s silence.

I would really like to be a fly on the wall in their meetings where they discuss/decide what to work on for the next SUs.


I was about to say exactly the same thing. This issue is a great example of the “strategic silence” we get from developers and MS on certain topics:

If there’s some contract issue with Meteoblue that stops this problem from being fixed, or if it isn’t worth fully fixing until 2024, or if there’s a deeper, complicated technical problem that we simply have no initial solution for, can we just admit that?

Here is how the issue was communicated in the September 2023 Dev Q&A:

What would be great to know is if the team thinks this issue should have solved the underlying core issue, as the SU14 Beta testing shows that most of the issue remains. That became obvious to testers within hours - was this reflected in Asobo’s testing, which almost certainly would have picked this up? If not, why not? It doesn’t make sense.


Bolzano (Italy):
No snow at all in real life, even on top of mountains.
In FS… Antarctica.

See you in the same thread in 2024


Well, another one on their internal list marked as “fixed” simply because they obviously (again) did not really understand what the issue is in the first place. Bummer, now it takes again much more effort to get their attention again because they always will think “but we fixed this in SU14?”. I really wonder how the snow coverage stuff will show up in the next dev update…


I really don’t get how this could be so hard to understand.
A simple look at any webcam or at the snowcoverage map from Meteoblue will show you how the coverage is supposed to look like.
And then it should be obvious that there a huge decrepancies in the sim.

Do they ever fly their own sim with an eye for that? Two years… and this is still an issue!


Clearly not. The bugs are every time too evident

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The problem is still caused by high mountains in the immediate vicinity.

The snow cover high in the mountains covers too large an area and therefore ensures that there is snow in the valleys in the immediate vicinity, for example at 16°C, when in reality there is actually a few centimeters of snow up on the mountain at temperatures around the freezing point.
Solution approach:
-Include all weather stations on relatively high mountains in the database and significantly reduce their coverage area
-If this produces unsatisfactory results, then prioritize all weather stations in the valleys between high mountains in the immediate vicinity

The snow coverage data has nothing to do with weather stations at all. Like all of the live weather data (aside from METAR) it comes from forecast models rather than actual observations. Weather stations are a lot less common than you think, and “amount of snow on the ground” isn’t actually something that many of them even officially record.

However, it does not change my conclusion and the proposed approach to minimize the problem.
They have the snow data somewhere, whether from weather stations or not. They just don’t deal with it satisfactorily.

If I am not completely mistaken, snow coverage comes from meteoblue snow coverage map. At least in vast areas of the world, the snow coverage is almost 100% identical to what you see on the meteoblue snow coverage map, including wrong blobs of snow where there should not be any and vice versa. The problem of valleys is therefore (imho) indeed the usage of a not enough resolved snow coverage map (data) from meteoblue. Asobo partially already confirmed this several times…

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You basically just said “milk comes from the grocery store, not from cows”. Meteoblue ain’t flying a spaceship around the planet looking at snow coverage, they use a bunch of different forecast models to generate the map. That’s why random freak snowstorms and other isolated mesoscale weather events don’t really ever make it into live weather accurately. And yeah, the data Meteoblue produces is far higher resolution than what is used in game, which is a big part of the issue. I just wanted to point out to the other guy that it’s nothing to do with “weather stations”.

Also, the snow coverage in game very often does not match what’s on the Meteoblue map. Meteoblue hasn’t shown any snow around Milford Sound NZ for months and months, for instance. The data that makes it into the game isn’t just excessively low resolution, it’s also very outdated and just flat out wrong compared to what Meteoblue puts out.


Maybe I did, but if you check meteoblue snow coverage you will quickly realize that they DO provide enough resolution to NOT have snow inside the valleys (simply zoom in in their map). So that is why Asobo always said in the Q&A streams that “the data is here, but it is not in the sim”.

Sure, the resolution is not the only issue, but in many cases, using a higher resolution basis would already solve most problems.

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Totally agree, meteoblue has enough resolution to provide correct informations … in switzerland same problem as described in bolzano … no snow in my area, but snow up in the mountains … but rhone valley looks like antartica all winter long …

they may dont have spaceships. but as a weather provided of that kind, they should get data from something called weather satellites. :wink:

in this weeks dev Q&A, Seb provided some insight on what they are working on regarding snow cover (or in this case ice …but at least they are working on the topic):

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