Snow partially at low altitudes at 19°C in LOWI

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With live weather there is snow on the southwest of LOWI airport, altough temperatures are at 19°C. snow in may would be ok on mountain tops above the treeline, but snow is visible in very low altitudes. the odd thing is, that snow is not on the same levels on the northern mountains of LOWI airport and southeast.
if i select weather preset clear or scattered, etc… everything is green. if i manually set a snow layer, eg. 7… the snow evenly distributes all around the airport (as i would expect) and on every altitude level evenly. (also note on the screenshot that the snow at live weather is a little bit greyish compared to the manually set snow).
everything is also given in the screenshots (live metar data, aerial views, weather presets.

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Load a flight at LOWI and select live weather. changing weather preset to scattered or clear will remove the snow.

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5800x, X570, 32GB RAM, GTX1070, dedicated M.2 SSD for MSFS

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Microsoft store

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THANKS for any hint!

here is a video of the issue:

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Accurate weather is broken in the sim. Always has been since release.


is in LSZS the same snow at +13 degrees


ahahah ecco!

Snow in the alps is generally total wrong in these months. No matter if LSZS (Samedan), LSGs (Sion), etc.
All the airports in the swiss alps are still covered in deep snow in the Sim. But IRL its 26c and definitely no snow again.


was fixed with the last update like many other things :rofl:

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Yes, can confirm …

until november it is solved for sure and then there is no more snow
not many people have noticed it yet either according to the vote

I really want to know where the server gets the information of the snow coverage from.
Because Meteoblue’s maps certainly don’t show any snow anywhere near LOWI.

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I live 5 km away from LSZS and every time I fly home there is snow, should I cry because of that? I have not claimed in the release that the snow cover was fixed complain to ASOBO and create a tiket or take it with humor
censoring is also a solution


I’m not confusing anything. Meteoblue has the data for current snowcoverage and depth.
But for whatever reason the sim doesn’t read that properly.


+27c at Innsbruck right now, and there is still snow nearby to the airport! Ridiculous.


no it is not fixed is at my home it still has snow although it was warm today in real 25 degrees

is already slowly embarrassing

and while we are at it UFOS has it also still

Ridiculous almost a disgrace

also greetings from St.Moritz
are you not in Winterthur ?

The problem was also not fixed in the new update how long do we have to wait until December ???since it will not interest anyone more

Hi Guys,

On a flight today from Lowi (Insbruck) to EDDF(Frankfurt) I regoniced some sonow in and around lowi. But at 15+ degress in Lowi there cant be sonwy. I think the Snow in the MSFS 2020 isn’t linked to the Tempratures .

And for my opinion is the snow border to hard and not smooth.

myself living in austria (but not Innsbruck) I can confirm that seeing snow in the alps with temperratures above 10 is quite common.
Temperatures change very quickly, just 3 days ago we had -5 in Vienna, now it is +15.
And as Tyrol had plenty of snowfall not all of it melted during the few days.

You can check the web cams of Innsbruck and you will see, that mountains around the city are covered in deep snow. The city itself is free of snow, though.


ok good to know. that i dont know. thanks for the information. But you guys in Austria have a phenomenon which is calling “föhn” it would be nicee when the msfsf 2020 can this phenomenon simulate

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Well, I live in Innsbruck and I can confirm that the representation of snow in the simulator is completely unrealistic.
Today in Innsbruck we have a temperature of 15 degrees. The city and most of the valleys in Tyrol are almost completely free of snow.
In the simulator the whole country is covered with snow. Apparently the snow is so high that all roads and even the rivers and lakes are completely covered with snow. So completely unrealistic.
It looks like the representation of snow in the simulator depends exclusively on the season. Meaning: winter equals snow (at least 1 meter- everywhere).

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