Snowballs chance of anyone knowing this

I’m driving myself crazy (er) trying to remember a site I wanted to fly to. About two months ago the windows lock page on my computer had a beautiful castle along a winding river. Somewhere near Germany but maybe actually in France or Luxembourg. But I can’t for the life or me remember what castle, and my wife threw away the all important post it note as “trash”. Any ideas?

I know no chance in h e double hockey sticks but thought I’d ask.


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not Neuschwanstein Castle?

Yep unfortunately I’d already found that while looking…I don’t think any of those are the one I’m thinking of. I feel like there’s an airbase about 20 nm south of the castle…but can’t remember. Man this is driving me crazy.

Appreciate the help @DORRAGER !

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Try a Google image search:
windows spotlight images castle

It returns a lot of results; maybe the one you want

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I’m not sure if this is it, as we have thousands of castles in Germany and it’s one of those listed in the link posted previously. But i remember seeing Cochem Castle as a Windows screensaver, looking similar to this picture. Might this be it?
Cochem Castle

You might be able to find the image on your computer using these instructions.

Oooh, was it this one?

That’s Burg Katz castle and Rhine river, Sankt Goarhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

If not take a look through here for castles that have been in the windows 10 spotlight :slight_smile: Good luck!

Yep, that’s definitely it, thank you VERY much! Super interested on flying by to see how this looks. Really appreciate the help!


Have you had a chance to fly by it yet? I tried to recreate the Spotlight photo. MSFS doesn’t do justice to the castle but it’s a pretty good attempt! I should’ve set the weather/lighting to recreate the photo better, but I didn’t think about that until after.

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I agree, I did fly past it and thought it was pretty good for a completely generic attempt. My goal is to start learning the SDK well enough to be able to update this castle…not sure how long that will take. Need to learn blender and wait on the blender export first.


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We’ve started the windows spotlight challenge in a new thread. It’s a lot of fun the pick out a picture and go hunting for it in FS. :slightly_smiling_face: