So close to excellent product

Having checked my settings to see why i lost ATC sound, i decided to take out my one and only addon, 1 BSA livery, but before i loaded flt sim back up i noticed, speech to text off, Ar that must be it, and sound through head phones, that hight lighted AZURE, and cold and dark as allways, tuned radio, and Volla we have ATC, off i went Gatwick to Belfast, all was going so well, climbed through 200 to 24000 to clear ice and some of best clouds ever seen, levelled off 240, pilot needed a pee, when i came back all gone desk top.
After all that went wrong since 16th Feb upgrade, i thought i was back to trouble free flt,s
So close, now i,ll down load another livery, but still not convinced its liveries at all.

Sorry this should be in General disscusion

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