So I flew X-Plane yesterday

Quite a decision. I trained in a 172.

What I mentioned here was the difference of cockpit space between the two sims :grinning:

Thanks for your comment, I hadn’t realised MSFS was leaps and bounds ahead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

The way things are right now with degrading scenery issues, it may not be long before they’re on par, with X-Plane running true earth!:yum:


That can be fixed.

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Thank you very much. But maybe you read the title of this portal. It is about MSFS 2020. I think there is a X-Plane forum for all X-Plane users. Please write there about X-Plane topics.


I flew X plane the other day for fun. I can honestly say it was probably the last time. MSFS is just that much better at simulating the feeling of flying for me. I do not think X plane will be on par anytime soon. There are far too many resources and tech behind MSFS. I do agree with the TA and voted up that the cockpit scale in VR does seem a bit small.


I don’t care for XP… never have. It feels like balancing a spinning plate on a chopstick.


Can you please explain this?

Is this something like the video I’ve posted here:
[BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don't move the camera, the user is

It’s not the “porpoising” effect so prevelant in MSFS. In XP it has always been a “feeling” of the aircraft being balanced on a fulcrum, or suspended by fishing line at a single point of attachment, like a Christmas ornament. Think of the way a gyroscope remains upright and stable; that’s how the XP flight model has always felt to me, except more twitchy.

For the record: I have not tried XP with the Vulcan rendering enabled, but as I understand it, the “blade theory” flight model is still the underpinning for the simulator. That’s what I don’t like… it doesn’t “feel” right to me. So I doubt Vulcan would make any difference.


We have to wait for DX12, DLSS and further optimizations. MSFS needs at least 1 or 2 years to mature. Besides Xplane 11 doesn’t stream Ortho imagery so who knows how it will perform if they ever decide to go that route.

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dont`t expect any higher Frametimes with DX12


I’ve been agonizingly aware of MSFS scenery degradation and its what had got me into X Plane. I’ve spent hours trying to get MSFS2020 to look like what it did when I first started flying but to no avail, it looks blurry and low res on all ultra settings at 2k with a 2070. X-Plane on the other hand looks pretty great after many hours spent learning Ortho and downloading scenery, well worth it to me as I’ve really enjoyed flying the Zibo 738 and recently have been having a blast with the updated X-Crafts E145. I would really like to get back into MSFS and try the CRJ’s and give the WT CJ4 another spin but until it actually looks like what I paid for it’s not worth it

Has Asobo recognized the issue with scenery degradation? I haven’t seen anything.

Leaps ahead? Well, i like it, for sure, but it’s only “ leaps ahead” in the graphics department IMHO.
Technically MSFS still can learn a lot of XP…


I am not expecting higher frames but I do expect it to be smoother (less stuttery) than it currently is.


that alone would be a step in the right direction

High frame rate came from optimization swapping\memory code which they have done now, but they will introduce them in step on future several sim update progressive, not all at once, without these, no new things would be possible to add or getting higher quality beyond ultra level.

You have missed his point!! And CS.1.6… Sorry you got that wrong!


After a bad day in the cockpit, with my trusty 172 seemingly failing to capture the localiser, then it somehow did; then failing to capture the GS; then trim going mad when I switched off AP; then the return leg causing a CTD when dialling in a direct…

I’m thinking of dusting off x-plane tomorrow! :flushed::rofl:

Seriously though, I’ve not had a crummy day like this since September, so I can’t complain too much.

But in saying that, I’m wanting to get into VATSIM and I’m not sure I can trust the G1000 to get me there. VFR patterns are one thing, but a properly filed Navigraph route where ATC give me a direct to?
Hoping somewhere along SU4-6 will provide some answers…

XP11 with Pilot2ATC, Toliss A319 and Traffic Global is great for IFR. FS2020 for VFR/scenery.

As I fly IFR, I use XP11 as above. I tried P2ATC with FS2020 and it is fine but the lack of traffic and the stutters (and the CTDs) have kept me with XP.

I hope that one day FS2020 will be as good as XP11 for IFR. I do not miss the scenery of FS2020; at FL350 it makes no difference.


what a silly comment, its also about msfs.


you can not fly with P2ATC in MSFS2020 unless you want to hear “Call Sign, you are off course” because of the stupid, stupid, stupid USR/USER waypoints, the only plane it cant affect is the CRJ and that’s why Aerosoft moved away from the MSFS planner, even the A32NX suffers this even if the plan comes from Simbrief. This has to be fixed ASAP

you have to bumble around with the plan in P2ATC, MSFS is garbage at the moment when it comes to IFR planning, either in the sim or external becuase no matter what it will destroy your plan.