So this is basically Pompeii

This is one of the most important archeological sites in the world, it is the only one Roman city left up to our days and looks like this?

A weird mix with modern buildings and open fields :joy: :thinking:

I’m afraid Italy will be like a thorn in the side for the devs, talking about monuments, that country is full of them.

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If this looks bad, look what they did to the leaning tower of Pisa, or the Alps and the Italian great lakes.

Huge Dams entirely made of grey concrete on mountain lakes are represented as grass fields, not even the steepness of the dam is correct, it’s just a slightly inclined grass field going up to the lake…

Unfortunately photogrammetry relies on Bing maps, and it’s heavily focused on the US. So in this case MSFS basically relies on AI to interpret what the satellite images are.

Photogrammetry, as in the stuff you see on Google Earth’s 3D mode, requires a real survey aircraft or drone.

Today after flying all over Ireland i choosed to make an Italy tour from north west to south west and going back from south east to north east, this will take several days, jumping from airfield to airfield keeping not more than 100 miles each flight and hunting down for monuments.
I didn’t notice Pisa.
I must go back then.

The ancient city of Troy… :joy:

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Hardly a shocker, the nearest photogrammetry to Pompeii is Naples. Herculaneum is no better than Pompeii and that’s closer to Naples. It is what it is. Try Rome; whilst not perfect, you’ll find your monuments there easy enough.

Rome and Florence are beautiful ingame, spent almost 2 hrs flying over Rome