So this is what the White House looks like in MFS

I landed on the lawn of the White House and disappointed in the model of the White House from the ground. I barely got airborne before secret service shot me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully the coming U.S. update treats Washington D.C. a bit better. That said, Drzewiecki Design’s Washington D.C. scenery is outstanding and well worth the money. The city is meticulously modeled.


Its easy.
You landed in a no fly zone and secret service locked the white house to save the president of the united states.
Last thing you will see is a rocket tail coming from the roof of the building…
Game over… :rofl:


If this was automatic model generation, wow, the computer got it surprisingly well!

Get Drzewiecki Design’s Washington D.C. scenery addon from the marketplace. You will be shocked how good it is.

Or you can get Srinivasan’s outstanding freeware.

That’d be a surprise, but a welcome one. Asobo would have to model each building individually due to the federal air space regulations preventing the use of LIDAR. I’d be surprised if they put that much work into one area, although it is possible.