So tonight , I waited a bit later to play when the network was quieter and the quality was amazing , seems to have sorted itself

Last night it was utterly unplayable , pop in and terrible frame rates , could hardly see what I was doing in normal and VR mode

Played tonight with a better connection and wow , it was the best quality I’ve ever played , VR looked amazing I swear it has something to do with the internet!

(Unless they changed something already)

Much better than SU4

I flew low and at 35,000 feet as I know it’s been an issue at higher altitudes and for as far as I could see it looked the best it’s looked on my pc

The clouds were back to their previous ultra goodness

I’ll see if I can replicate it tomorrow and grab a few screenshots


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Agree on CTDs. They have disappeared for me. It’s butter smooth on FPS. I have increased LOD using using.opt modification. Only issue I’m facing is high temp at altitude and no nav lights on online traffic

Can u share your usercfg.opt settings? I push LOD and hit CTDs :frowning:

I agree that things are very smooth and stable. I’ve also adjusted LOD manually, and it sure seems to help.

This evening I took another flight in the Baron, this time up to San Francisco to see the bridges and the city skyline. Things looked absolutely fantastic, with no “pop ins” or blurriness whatsoever. Flying at sunset is magical anyway, and this flight was no exception.

It may be that the load on the servers (typically I’m on the West Coast server) has something to do with graphics oddities that have been reported. (One other thing I changed was the size of the Rolling Cache, now set to 32GB.)

Whatever it is, the sim has never been this smooth. There are still issues, mostly with third-party aircraft and scenery, but flying the Baron has never been better with the G1000 NXi avionics. That will be a game changer I think; truly next gen stuff. Thanks Working Title crew! :slight_smile:


This sim is played all over the World. How do you know if the network is quiet? Your night is not everyones night… :coffee:


Showing my usercfg only the changed values. All other values are same as set by Sim. Please take backup and change. I am having RTX3090 and I have set FPS fixed at 40 and I am getting butter smooth performance and good visual details also.

In Video Section

Raytracing 1

In Graphics Section

     Version 1.1.2

	LoDFactor 5.000000
	LoDFactor 5.000000
	Enabled 1
	Quality 6

ALso later I ve changed following ColorGrading to 0 and FilmGrain 0 and the overexposure look is reduced.

Enabled 1
EyeAdaptation 1
ColorGrading 0
Sharpen 1
Fringe 1
LensDistortion 0
Dirt 1
LensFlare 1
FilmGrain 0
Vignette 1
LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
FringeMultiplier 1.000000

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After European evening it’s evening in USA, and after that comes nothing for a while (Pacific Ocean) that’s the quiet moment on the internet. Also the servers are local, so when it’s busy in USA and quiet in Europe, the European servers are not that busy.


Azure servers are distributed worldwide and load on local servers does reduce in silent hours.

I would assume that there is autoscale that spins up (and down) in question of few minutes depending on the workload though. So less load would mean less resources, not all computing power actually available.

Just an assumption because of how Azure works, not that I know how is it implemented.

The amazing thing is, working title will really push those avionics, and it will be the standard in the future, just like the one Xplane has or actually even better. Glad those guys are on board.

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Okay, didnot know servers are “local”.
Interesting anyway. :+1:

Shhhhhhhhhh everyone will be on later now and be back to normal :see_no_evil::rofl:


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