So What Happened with Sim Update 5?

Did they really? I have not seen any difference in the color palette the whole time since the launch. If you have evidence of it I would love to see ti.

Seemed like an accidental thing that the devs are looking into, but it did happen: Projected mesh rendering strangely in Performance Plus Beta - MSFS DevSupport


This is good news, if the devs realise how bad the clouds have become since SU5. Though how they didn’t notice just by seeing them in the sim is beyond me…

SU5 did massive wonders. My system is also mid tier and struggled pre-SU5. Now I can get a solid 30-40fps. Although, there is still the issue where fps and utilization drops after multiple hours in a flight, eventually rendering the plane almost unusable. This isn’t a hardware issue though, it’s clearly an issue within MSFS that I hope will be fixed with SU6.

There is a YouTube video where the you tubers is interviewing one of the Asobo devs right after release of SU5.

Basically, there are three layers to the software. There is the data layer, which takes the satellite data, the photometry data, etc and sends it to the middle layer. Then there is the middle layer which handles all the flight rules, and transforms the data into something that the UI layer can handle. Then there is the USer interface layer which presents it to in a way you will be able to see on the client (game).

The middle layer, it was original MSFS X software. It was single threaded, didn’t handle memory management well, was written using old practices, etc. That had to be totally rewritten to be multi-threaded. Each instrument before SU kept calling the middle layer for the same data over and over, they cached that so your view and all your gauges and instruments are using the same set of data.

Basically, any “downgrade” is not intentional. It was just bugs in the rewrite. People presume it was a downgrade because they think Asobo modified code. They didn’t. They totally rewrote brand new code that was supposed to do exactly what the old code did. But let’s face it, the middle layer, that is a huge huge huge section of code responsible for a lot of things.

For those that are interested in the interview video, it was entitle something like “behind to scenes of MSFS” or something like that

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My setup is similar to yours. I started with a i5-9400F, 32GB, GTX 1060 and an SATA SSD. I’m running 3x1080 monitors. I was getting about 22 FPS across the three and it slowed way down when I got near complex airports. When I decided to update video cards, I really worried about overdoing it. I knew if I bought too much card my CPU would quickly bottleneck and I would never see the performance expected. I stayed conservative and bought a 3060 Ti for $500. I was on the fence between a 3060 Ti and a 3070, but the 3070 would have required a power supply change. Now I’m getting about mid the high 40s running mostly high settings and a couple ultras and I’m pretty happy with the performance for investment. I sold my old card for $290 on eBay so my net upgrade cost was $210.

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