So what’s changed overnight? (31 Jul 21)

Everything has been pretty much OK after the latest update, and fortunately I’ve not been experiencing the numerous issues that have been impacting others.

However, yesterday I was flying without issue at Liverpool, Newcastle, and London City, both starting on approach and from the ground. Today though, every time I tried to start at London City, both on approach and from the ground, the system become unresponsive in the splash screen after setting up from the World.

I left it for 10 mins on one occasion, and also renamed the Community Folder and had an empty one in its place, but Flt Sim just wasn’t having any of it. In desperation, I tried Liverpool and Newcastle again, and they both worked!!??

I haven’t installed or deleted anything between yesterday and today, so at a loss to understand and rectify. I do have the London City Airport and London Scenery, both from the MS Marketplace, although as said, these haven’t been an issue previously.

Has anyone else been experiencing anything similar?

System: i7-10700, RTX 3080 Ti, 64 Gb RAM with system and MSFS on an 2 Gb SSD.

Steam Version, no Developer Mode.

There is some sort of bug around London City. Since the update I can’t start there, the sim hangs up while loading. I was trying for a short flight from EGLC to EGLL. So for the heck of it, I decided to start at EGLL and fly to EGLC. No problem, landed at EGLC, taxied back and took off with no issue.

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Thanks Wilco, nice (in a way) to hear it’s not just me. Ckeers.

Same problem here…