So what's really going on with this simulator and the persistent requirement to be connected online - servers really need improvement, or the sim needs to change

And a closed weather system.

Which is exactly my point

Not like P3D will be able to buy the licence either id have thought

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good point…forgot about the weather.

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Thank you sooo much! I had the same problems with being offline in the sim for too long. I was about to reinstall everything. This tab fixed it! Cheers!


I think the polarization on these forums, is because we have folks who claims to never have had any or few issues with the sim. Others are almost unable to play the game, has gone through several reinstalls to fix different issues. Remember that even though you don’t have the same experience as the next man, doesn’t make him an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another example of how unstable the sim can be, when we have such different experiences.

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Rex Weather would still work ?

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